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Dear Reader,

My name is Einar S Amundsen, an ordinary gay from Norway with 
various interests like sports, music, reading, learning and one 
of my favorites these days is internet products and marketing. 
My hope is to make a living online.

I strive to do the best I can and getting the most out of 
everything, but I have to confess that after follow a few guns 
in different programs, I found myself in the NFL club in two 
categories, No Friends Left, and No Funds Left.

Well, since I'm born optimistic I know  that I will succeed some 
day, and I wish the same for everyone reading this.

I think you as a reader is involved in one or more business
opportunities and will be most interested in ways to promote your
own business, however, two of my programs will also be relevant
to those who do not primarily want to be involved in other
opportunities. The first is Lucrativetraffic containing 20
Traffic Sources with Proven Hungry Buyers The other is
Goldmailer; this  Instantly Promotes Your Website To Thousands of

I do not know you and your background and your desires for  your 
life, if you are like me, good health and reasonably  economy is 
of high priority.

FREEMART is a new member shopping club with a full-scale social 
network stared by John Austin, author of several books on health
and nutrition. His latest book, The Causes of Over 200 Diseases
can be accessed for free. Click here for the book.

FREEMART was started with the intention of creating a company
based upon integrity and the golden rule, where everyone has
an equal opportunity to become healthy and wealthy if they
want to. FREEMART membership is always free.

A Mentor with a Servant's Heart

We can call ourselves mentors, but what does that mean?  I 
found this quote back in July 2010 and  realized it was a 
pretty good explanation... and mentors always have mentors.

"Mentors are guides. They lead us along the journey of our 
lives. We trust them because they have been there before. 
They embody our hopes, cast light on the way ahead, interpret 
arcane signs, warn us of lurking dangers and point out 
unexpected delights along the way. "
~L.A. Doloz 

Does any of what I'm trying to convey here lit a spark in you 
to participate, I will be very happy, but You know I wish you 
all the best whatever you choose in life

EXPECT a great day!


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To accomplish great things, we must not only dream, but also act; not only plan, but also believe. - Anatole France.

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